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25.09.2012 23:54

Anka Mihova was member of the expedition Europa Cross Roads 2011th


Travelogue here:


Travelogue first part


Let's take a little ride. A little further afield, we know it at home. Let's get to party with completely strangers, pack suitcases, let's take a little money, a full tank, good mood and take the direction of the east. It's stupid? Maybe, but maybe it will eventually crack action!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

With David we are meeting at half past 11 on U Johana gas station here in Zlín. Does it from Kroměříž just 30 km from Zlín and you go together to Prešov. Perhaps as any departure, this stretched, so we go around half 12th

We're heading direction Upper Lideč, Púchov, Žilina ('s terrible through the city, brrr ...), Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad and Presov. We try to avoid highways as much as possible. We are going briskly, David's lavish and at a pace we're not too familiar ... yet: o).
The last stop we make in a world city of Zlin close, we had coffee and then hurry, according to recent reports from the rest of the expedition have a substantial head start ....

Meeting point is at the first gas station in Prešov which is Shellka. We arrive around 18 am, the others should be here in about an hour. Let's get something to eat, coffee, cigarette, waiting. Around 20 hours Grouch hear motorbikes and it's here. Milan - Suzuki Bandit 1200S, Karel - Suzuki V Strom 650, George - Jawa 350, Honza - BMW R 1200R, Radek and Anka - BMW R 1100S and sajdka, David - Honda CB500 and Robert with my little things - R1150 GS.
Who does not already know, so familiar, complains and Pollack mounts and stuff in it and on it, finally loaded Anka and we can go - United Domaša direction and a campsite nearby. Have a little series, when we go, and we arrive at Domas basically in the dark. We do not camp, but some commons beside the water when we leave tents expand. For some it's premiere with a new tent, but at least it is red and is in the dark see better: o), and some consider again deftly bike on its side - Holt wet grass and some semtam the hollow ......
But the first camp is successfully unpacked and go for a beer in a nearby booth Lighthouse. Starts week "super" PIV, today it Saris. Something we dream encounter we will meet, we will discuss the itinerary, introduce you to a little more with each other. Local "accommodation" has a minor defect - there are not toilets or water and other conveniences - but after all we're going to Ukraine, so do not expect any Superhotel, right? Morning teeth cleaned sweetened mineral water and some shrubs are there too, but if it is not cast local fishermen ....

The first night showed quite clearly how they will be run on the other - it was raining, raining ..... Wet grass and a little trip to the hill to explore the most motorbikes travel rubbers, everything went smoothly ... and the robot arm earbuds just grunted ..: o), as well as on their George pidišpuntíkách to Jawce.

past will route:
Zlín - Žilina - Liptovský Mikuláš-Levoča-Prešov-New Kelco (Great Domaša) - 449 km


Sunday, July 24, 2011

The plan for today - about 230 km, Ukraine to penetrate and reach the "one" Kolocava

At the border we have some 80 km, the last stop in the Slovak Republic - Humenné, gas station. We have a coffee, catch up duties on the toilet, buy something for tomorrow's breakfast and we headed for the border crossing Ubľa.

Borders Slovakia - Ukraine

So it was no problem, no one wanted bribes, nobody neprudil, there was hardly any line, so wow pozapisovali us customs and motorcycles, some of that bureaucracy must be .... and around 14 hours we enter the Ukraine direction Velykyj Bereznyj, Volosjanka,. .....

Somehow I have not mentioned who leads that have our motorbike and seven of the nine column. It Milan - and do not be fooled, it looks a bit like a mad scientist! : O) - he chose a route devised and is probably the only one who knows exactly where you are and where it's going. And I must say that it does well, without hesitation, vertigo or look at a map ... admirable, nor map in front of you, just blink semtam to the Atlas, and then half a day going and going and we follow him .....
Well, somewhere in Volosyance or in its vicinity should be turning to the right, supposedly excellent zábližka towards Nyzhni Vorota. Milan boldly turns to a pretty good communication between the village houses ..... we go on and on, the path becomes progressively less passable, well it is a laugh out of the way .... is just muddy ditch, after which gurgles local creek, suddenly before us ford - no longer what - do we go further :-), and Radek Sajda profrčí stream, and then there is no way at all and end up in the meadow at some strange house with its own church ... nice place, which the it - but it is not what we are looking for: o)).

Milan goes for natives to find out how it is with the map and turn the rest of us and yet we turn a meadow complex. So back through the muddy polňačku, Ford and broken on the main gravel path ... Moving on after a few hundred meters of tarmac and there is another branch - this time definitely the one.

But, there is initially a "journey" into "dishonor" and after a few kilometers we end again - in the bed of the stream full of stones ... George Jawce still trying to continue some piece of hollow way, but the Ukrainian wilderness stops him. Again, rotation and return to the main. On the way we stopped but a few villagers who explain to us how it is with the searched branch - at least we hope we can understand their explanation guys ... well they donate a beer for your willingness and going ... The right turn is because in the village Užok - who would have thought it! Map sometimes I just kidding ...

But it was the correct time yeah - and it was worth it. Here and passable only with great difficulty, led us through some hills and upland plains (brand: 11 km Speed ​​40 km / h), amazing scenery, sunken and decayed after altitudes, between houses scattered over the hills between the color of dark green and lighter - but it was green everywhere. First pitch too kilometers, that's poison alone with Charles, the column broke into ..... then downhill on the gravel smashed ..... cha, where to dig offroudy somewhere near us .... Unfortunately it started to rain quite hearty and meet with others of the hill in the bus stop where we are waiting for it to blow over. Pollack goes on, whether on Annie so much rain, and we meet with them in Nyzhnich Vorotách at the petrol station. First Ukrainian refueling - first pay, then refuel ....

At the exit to the main road before the gas station we all collectively crossed the solid line and probably would not have noticed if it were not alert truck driver, who just drove around. Well, as we serve so, about a hundred meters towards our next route after the permanent police guard - and it looks like you already delight looking out ... such a good offense ... It's the gang of bikers around neukecá .. We put our heads together and we found that when the piece back and ride under the bridge, they would go around the cops maybe .. it's certainly worth a try. So we passed right under the bridge, then little by local skorokomunikaci and we could just wave - frnkli have them right in front of ... (No we're laughing with robot arm into the intercom is still some way).

So Kolocava direction, which should be about 80 km away. Slowly the series, we pass a house by the road, but continue ... begins to drag, and suddenly appears in the dark Pension U Leva ... Justice of the Slovak us waving some cyclists, so do not hesitate too much and travel out into the parking lot of oooobrovského dog. Poprchat starts - so again at the last moment we came out, and we do not build tents, it is a luxury. We serve the instructions of the house Leonida, we will have some hygiene převlíkneme into civilian life, and soon we are sitting in a nice pub with Leonid and Natalka. There will be great local stew and a flood of vodka ... of course. It is clean and very good platinum. The local beer Lvivskije can be quite drink and encounter we will meet, poklábosíme and go to sleep.
Accommodation in person in a comfortable bed with duvet and breakfast is 10 euros, beer for 8 pounds, 10 pounds for peanuts ... cool.

past will route:
New Kelco-Humenné-Snina-Ubľa (state borders SK-UA)-Velykyj Bereznyj-Volosjanka-Užok-solution-Ždeneve-Volovec-Pilipec - 227 km


Monday, July 25, 2011


The plan is about 280 km, Koločava direction in which we are not finish yesterday (even those scheduled kilometers on one day - it just was just a Milan's "plan", but only two of us with Robert and John are perhaps naively believed it. Others who already drove it with Milan rather, they knew well that in these "last 150 km" We must roll much, much more .....)

So the famous Koločava. I do not know how it looked for Nikola Suha or Olbracht as he saw it, but impressed me as a mud hole with a couple sochama and tank ... But maybe we missed the right tourist spots ... I do not know. So do Skutters few photos to his home boys believed in the pub, and we go on.
Much more interesting was the main road from the direction of Kolocava Solotvyno. Parade smashed roads, while pieces of asphalt, a curve in a huge hole and rocks, in between all zigzag cars, trucks and buses in the opposite direction, cyclists, carts, pedestrians, cows, horses, dogs ... and my: o).
The path leads along the still river, the landscape is pretty, but I do not think it would have been someone from the chauffeur could give - it's just me, backpack and Anka from pollack, we can enjoy a bit of local beauties.

We build mainly on petrol stations, all of which consist of a closed box, the better it is for someone who will refueling - and sometimes even before they pay (about instil confidence). Can I go to buy water and maybe engine oil, have restrooms, but they are all closed, because they are without water ... Ahio.
Longer, however, we did stop at a small shop in Solotvynu. Buy something to eat, svačíme, drink and rest. Jack could not resist and took a bike across the street in the dishwasher, the other sits on the curb and just amused smile, and then to wash the plunge and Charles ... no fools, if only they knew where everywhere we still dragging Milan: o)) ...

Continue Jasinja direction. Scutter crave original UA label, so I let the boys a little travel and Demand for a few petrol stations. There was nothing ... But the column is in the grove, and we, too, it is a very strange feeling to be suddenly somewhere in the Ukraine alone, not to see any bike in front of you or behind ... brr ... I feel totally lost, we do not have that stupid map.

Luckily for us at the next crossroads waiting and it's a relief .... Continue in the direction Jablunickyj Pass, about total renowned place, there's a pile of people, souvenir stalls and food stands ... Most of us have tasted some kebab or shashlik or whatever it is, and we go on. We are again approaching evening, so look around for a place to stay. We found a nice spot by the river, a short distance below the road, but arrive it unfortunately is not very suitable for motorcycles ... nor for the field. Let's go further (to the village Vorochta) and after a few miles in the woods we find great campground with fire, shelter and seating, fenced against bears (or maybe not, away from the forest fence missing ...). So unpack tents, assemble together different bike chains and locks and go get something to eat and drink. The boys went to the wood, which soon was blazing bonfire like thunder and it is good that there is half the night it rained again.

In the morning, somehow I can not sleep, so after wandering around camp, semtam passes the car or vehicle, and then I notice oktávky white with black glass as completely campground passes slowly ... almost feel the eyes behind dark glasses car ... crossed, turned in sight and just pass slowly turn back .. traveled around tents and motorbikes, speed up and they were gone. Okay, I admit, I'm a loser, and the first thing I thought was: I wake up the boys and off quickly ... Well, who knows who us looking out of the car. But for the moment the tents began to wake up, so it was funnier, pobalili and we headed for the bright tomorrows ...

past will route:
Pilipec-Mižhirja-Synevyr-Koločava-track-Tjačiv-Solotvyna-Rachiv-Jasinja Jablunickyj-Pass (981 m) - Vorochta - 264 km



Friday, 02 September 2011 12:46

So get up and exercise! Pobalit things have breakfast and continue on, heading to Romania. I think it does not make sense here in Ukraine remain unnecessarily long.

I'm not from this country quite a good feeling ....


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plan: Verchovyna, Vyžnycja, Berehomet, Storozhynets ..... and the Ukrainian-Romanian border

In Verchovyně we serve on a fairly modern gas station, so repay them by giving them howl all the pies and other goodies. We go and find somewhere near Berehometu that pollack is down and not run ... while we wait, we're on the pauzičky with runners Sajda used to, but this time it's a long time. Review the situation by calling Milan and we learn that "Pollack welding". We know nothing more, so roll on the road under the trees in the shade (that is, unlike the weather in the Czech Republic is quite nice here, this day is quite hot) and relaxes ... and sleep ...

In the end it was a feature on the BMW handlebars, which gave way, but the Ukrainian welders know what to do, so we go on. Last refueling in Ukraine. Radek had to turn off the engine, so this time we'll pauzičku about an hour before the Bavarian Sajda can překecat and start: o).
Just such situations - the problem is repeated non-appearance pollack mooockrát We waited five minutes and an hour, but it was not important. The important thing was that nobody was stupid crap or did not look, we just wait. The boys tried various tricks to help Radek, what, how and where to wrinkle and twist and hold, which sometimes took and sometimes would not. Even candles functionality is tested, but it failed in that it was available only one - on the other hand was pollack. A Radek, although he knew that other brakes and waiting is probably too tired, had to face its still a nice smile, neboťky knew that did its best and now can only wait to see if the tint will get better and the engine has cooled down a bit ... was just great ... and Anka, who spent most of waiting (at their request) in Sidon, Tyre, was admirable ... simply just smiled and evening the situation assessed a one-liner (but no, we had repaid because we honestly drank a bottle of vodka, he began to cry: o))). Yeah, a lot of people could learn to remain calm. ..

Well, now it's in sight Romania - the country in which none of us has ever been .... Prime Minister.

But before we leave Ukraine, forgive your impressions in me this strange, beautiful and somewhat menacing left the country:

- Cows
- Cows on the road, cows on the road ... and the cow
- Horses - along the roads, in the way, wherever they could feed off something, and all well fed and pretty
- Clouds of houses under construction during the building phase under the roof (probably resulted in some extensive local crisis)
- Churches shiny - silver and gold
- Cemeteries colorful artificial flowers decorated flood
- Waving children everywhere (... mama, eto BMW! ...)
- Benches before the houses along the roads, and on them people of all generations
- Wooden houses, often nearly broken
- Lots of storks and stork nests in one village, I counted six of those nests
- Holes in the roads everywhere, everywhere, everywhere ...
- Considerate drivers, blink, that we can pass, dodging to the side and let us go ...
- So much the dogs stray, but apparently innocuous
- Hills green, green, green, green and very beautiful ......
- And on those hills, up above, were houses scattered in the green distances

The Romanian border we arrived at around 17 pm - and it looks a long wait. Motorcades and buses ... cross the Ukrainian customs officials (bureaucracy is powerful!) and wait in-between clouds along with other people. After some time at us a little person shows, whether we go forward, do not know if it's the bike or is there pollack with vozíčkářkou - somehow we manage to break through around cars, Radek even reshuffles half columns, let him make a place that could Sajda ride. And finally we publican Romanian stretch side corridor and the whole border process takes only about an hour. Glory!


City Siret.
Purity, with continuous asphalt roads, ATM, currency exchange (and why the heck do not want those talents?) ... simply ci-vi-li-for-ce.

We go direction city Radauti, passage through the mountains over the pass Pasul Ciumirna. The road is a beautiful, rolling hills, views, followed by another pass. In the valleys with rolling mist descend down. It starts with a little getting late, so we look for some accommodation. We want to find a house or something like that, we plan to stay here two nights and a bit of a ride around the neighborhood. It's dark when we see how floodlit hotel on the Riviera, it looks pretty Hogofogo, even the cars that are parked in front. Milan goes to survey the situation. They have a lot, for myself I can say that fortunately, for me it was a little classy: o). But send us to the next town, that there was something to give to get.

And so it is - we come to the guesthouse-hotel Floare de Crin - here it looks too sympathetic rather have, a double room costs 100 lei per night, so cool. Odmašlíme bike as much as possible to accommodate you and we're going to strengthen the local restaurant before it closes, it's nearly half 10th Local receptionist and waitress in one person, although not speak English, but one menu in English is found, so we eat, drink some beers and go to bed. Bed, bathroom ...... oooh.

past will route:
Vorochta-Verchovyna-Kosiv-Vyžnycja-Berehomet-Storozhynets-Porubne-Siret (UA state border-RO)-Raduati-Pasul Ciumirna (1180 m)-Pojorata - 265 km

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The plan for today is heading over the moon about 300 km.

Jed is wonderful, polehku without baggage, good weather, slow climb into the mountains. First stop (boys that culture simply could not forgive) is a wooden church in the village of Botos. Very nice place, the whole church is painted inside, all is clean, next to the church is being built from wooden kulaks, and is something to watch. Radek Sajda drove up to the porch of the church ... : O). Annie has just service with all the trimmings ...

And we go ...
Worth mentioning here is that it is not a good idea to put your chocolate Namka in the trunk along with the chain and ride a few holes - so next stop enjoying some rest, refreshment of the smoke, and took pleasure in taking pictures and cleaning Honza suitcase and its contents in local strand ... Yeah, happens.
Do Bors to have about 60 km. Next stop is the mountain pass, dominated by the church standing quite alone ... special construction. The roads here are not as nice, but it's still better than in Ukraine. Way of trying to pass driving spin on Charles camera much I can not, but maybe some of it will be. Shortly before we serve in OMV Bors, let's have something to eat and coffee and also endure a little rain.
Continuing swiftly on, the column was a bit broke after a few miles, we find that pollack we lost somewhere ... waiting in a rather unattractive city, made quite warm, it's not much pleasantness. Some have to withstand attacks pregnant beggar woman with two children ... :-) But resisted. Call confirms that Radek Sajda little lost, but after entering the correct route for a while with us again and can go on. At least I finally managed pofotit some indigenous populations and other attractions.

The path leads us on through another mountain pass in the mountains it's really very nice. That spectacle is weaker then down in towns and villages, which we're going. Added dirt, houses are no longer adorned with lace as a mosaic in the area where we are staying - Holt County is a little different here it is. After leaving one village, the path begins to change, suddenly vanished asphalt appears panels, solid at first, and then gradually broken and the "way" becomes quite fierce stone polňačka. Going up quite a few miles along the creek, then let it down in the valley and we go higher and higher. And then the sweet reward awaits us - we are at the top. It says a homestead located there remains something concrete - about the bunker. So here we oraz, take a photo yourself and surroundings, enjoying the be ... And then George came up with that is there any polňačka that branches off from the main "road" that goes even further - "You see, there on the meadow ..." Well, sure, that it all got caught, so no descent to the valley but nice offroudek up the poloninách ...

GSíčko the last few stops irked when starting the robot arm and a little unsettling, but everyone follows, we too: o). No visit to the meadow (about any way you really can not speak) it was absolutely amazing ... up to the moment when we passed a large herd of sheep and fall apart on us roaring angry sheepdogs. There were perhaps ten, angry, chattering teeth around our feet and ran still with us ... Fortunately, after a few tens of meters have decided that you are not jeopardizing their flock and returned. But it was really hell.
But the trip was the bare plain, even the dogs and fear of them - it was just wonderful. The setting sun, in the valleys littered with wisps of fog and the sky above was so close semtam cloud, silence, peace, kraťounkou green meadow with grass, undulating like the sea .....

Fools George and David decided to test the bikes as well as your skills and try to go after or brush up a bit more, but this time it left alone for a while and we disappeared behind the horizon. The robot arm because of a problem with starting the engine left running, so we started to overheat enough. There was nothing to do, it was necessary to return - meaning again ride a pack of rabid Hafan. Well, I was afraid of much, much ...
But the robot arm is a great driver and has nerves of steel and all - it drove brilliantly: o) ... and I really probably helped that the shepherd part dog appealed to the flock, so our only stayed two. We drove without losing limbs and slowly started to run back from the hills into the valley. Along the way, the engine cooled to normal and my heart stopped beating furiously fear ... Well even Milan later said that he did not expect that on a smooth road erasers on a grassy surface proved too much speed ... : O) We were afraid about everyone.
Return to the pension he was alright (aside to me a little too fast and risky journey through the last pass ...) and in the evening just as the previous, peacefully at dinner and beers at the restaurant. We thoroughly but laugh when discussing "dog" experiences ...

past will route:
Pojorata-Pasul Mestecanis (1096 m)-Carlibaba-Pasul Prislop (1416 m)-Borsa-Pasul Setrf (818 m)-Salva-Sangeorz Bai-Pasul Rotunda (1271 m + exit to the pasture, I do not know how high :-)) - Pasul Mestecanis-Pojorata - 306 km

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The robot arm a little up early, he wants to look at GSíčku intestine and reveal why he does not want to start. With the help of George disengage any fuses or what (houbeles understand), and since then we started without hesitation ... the geese are just as reliable motorbike, it is obviously clear: o)).
Somehow we all managed well and quickly pack up and set off around 10. Robot arm with Honza still rode refuel and then publishes the column direction Cluj Napoca. It's lovely weather to hot weather, the road just fine. The countryside and villages have been less interesting, larger cities are generally uninteresting. Installation varies town, there's more to a larger home. We usually stop at Viva or OMV petrol stations are clean and well stocked with everything you need.
Then Milan reliably leads us through the city of Cluj Napoca. It's big, noisy, full of cars and people, the heat is here and nothing to look around. In the suburbs stop at Lidl refill supplies and continue direction Turda. This passage is smooth and we are heading into the mountains Muntele Mare.

Here it is again a beautiful landscape, the path leads through the valley of the river Aries dense forests, past the towering hills and white rocks. We stop at a waterfall, Kocham and rest, passing around Zlín 1200 GS mark, but only waves and profrčí opposite direction than ours.
Campeni go down to the city and am looking for some camp or guesthouse. We stop at a strange hotel that looks like a train station and look around hesitantly, but the brakes here some guy and gives Milan a flyer for a house nearby, so we continue. We are about in the tourist area, because suddenly emerges in various guest houses crowded. But usually have a lot, even from the inside.

Finally, as usual at dusk, we find little family inn-camp which suits us perfectly. Part of the houses in two rooms in the attic and the rest to patch up tents at the house. The owner frees us your kitchen including dishes, there's a shelter with seating, shithouse, I go to take a shower in the room Anka - so we miss nothing. Price is symbolic, 10 lei for a tent and a 70 per room. The place is called Vadu Motilor and inn is named Moara Cu Moros.

We spend the evening as usual with beers, a bottle of Ukrainian fit platinum.

past will route:
Pojorata-Pasul Mestecanis-Vatra Dornei-Pasul Tihuta (1200 m)-Dej-Bistrita-Napoca Cluj-Turda-Campeni-Vadu Motilor - 376 km



Friday, 02 September 2011 12:47

And we're back in the morning. We can only pick up things, stuff is on the bike (wonder why it is that these bags are getting smaller), wait until Zavel to leave Milan and go. Slowly away to Hungary to home ...


Friday, July 29, 2011

Today we plan to leave Romania Nyírebrány border crossing to Hungary.

We leave around half 11 Stei direction. The path goes quite well, but there's plenty of heavy traffic, sometimes dragging the pile of kilometers per truck or truck. Here, in contrast to Ukraine, drivers are already far less accommodating bikes and some flickering or release path is quite stolen them - just like the local river - is it "Putnam". : O)

Also, it's time to pull nepromoky, yet the nepovezeme too: o) and well-known rule: "When he does that nasoukáš, the rain stops" of course was true this time.
Small snag occurs in Oradea on Aralce. Sajda is rozstávkovala and does not start, even after an hour. Milan started looking for local BMW service for which he tip and other cool relax at the petrol station. Finally, after much persuasion could tell LINE BMW, Milan arrived and we went to about 90 km distant Romanian-Hungarian border.

Passage to Hungary was smooth, we were just looking around, they showed passports and that was it. How easy it is when they want to.
So we go way Debrecen.

And what to say about Romania:

- The overall level much better than in Ukraine, roads, houses, supply, and there's cheap ...
- Nice people, but nemávají
- Less considerate drivers, a compliance rate in villages or in designated sections of roads - Bah ...
- In every garden and cemeteries were Monard, was probably just their time, but it was wonderful, full red flood
- Roofs that have no known shape, are made up of a set of strange angle structures
- In almost every garden is well covered with wood, often carved and decorated roof
- Horses - all
- Beautiful landscape ... and certainly here, in contrast to Ukraine, we are the last ... there are so many mountains and passes to explore ...

Landscape in Hungary, at least around the Tisza, is simply flat. Shad, that does not look after a straight stretch of road at the end ... then a tiny corner - what a cheer - and then he goes plain and boring ... But the rapid shift good.
Again, we began to get dark, and travel out into the first camp on the way. Hortobágy.

Pan boss is a little embarrassed at first, there's also a certain language barrier, Hungarian none of us can, and he speaks only for his own or in broken German. Well, in the end it somehow managed to build tents, hygiene and can be ready in nice clean showers and cook something to eat, some use offers local "restaurant" to order. The camp is nice, a bit sterile, someone said that it reminded him camping in Austria, but there is everything you need. Pub closes, so we sit in front entrance and the tables drinking beer and vodka Ančinu: o). It starts to rain, and lots of it. Finally pours all night.

past will route:
Vadu Motilor-Pasul Virtop (1160 m)-Steiner-Oradea-Valea lui Miah (state borders RO-HU)-Debrecen-Hortobágy - 321 km

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Somehow I sleep badly and roll in the morning and listen to the rain falling on the tent, I hear a strange sound, like someone forcefully slams the door old car - no such tin. And for a moment, breaks through the tent smell of gasoline. Vykutám of a sleeping bag out - and hey, Jiříkov Jawka you make the bed in the soggy grass, pretty sideways. I wake Skutters in this vile hour of the morning, it was about 5, running around half-naked in the pouring rain and shifted away from GSíčko Vstroma ... you never know (I'd parked round everything, but guys have pozamykané and I did not want to wake them up, I was hoping it would last - Robert). I guess I fell asleep, when I woke up again that tinny sound, but this time he did not accompany smell of petrol, but Charles Vstroma alarm. And while David slumped and Honda. That echoes from tents Šuchman and sleepy boys dig out and go to lift their fallen pets. Stupid is when the bike is locked on the bike and not suddenly find the key ...
And while David slumped and Honda. That echoes from tents Šuchman and sleepy boys dig out and go to lift their fallen pets. Stupid is when the bike is locked on the bike and not suddenly find the key ... Well, in the end it turned out quite well, Charles has broken blinker, but it is functional and fix it tape jawka came a few liters of petrol and a little infested area, but otherwise it is unbreakable and David honda has some cracked plastic cover, nothing substantial. The whole event awfully sweetened downpour, and makes the bike fell too, Holt SOAKED grass much hold.

Pours more and more, so we agree whether to go or to wait, but eventually poison. Posnídáme, wrap nacucané tents and other stuff. It's time to say goodbye to Radek and Anka, those heading direction Miskolc, Anka was then homeward to Kosice and Radka are waiting for another adventure .. . It's sad to see leave pollack ...

Then we collect the rest of us and go Whole evaporating in nepromokách to Eger. Raining, it's pouring. Fortunately, we are moving in the right direction and I drive slowly rain, about an hour's downpour was over, only occasional přeprška, but it can be managed. The landscape around the Tisza is again equal and sometimes even playing ... Térképe stopping in the town that we buy some Hungarian delicacies. Take place here something like the market - even though it's probably not the market, but on a small patch of the local chefs gathered here and in special Hungarian cooking kettles and suffocates and bake various specialties, most of the fish and potatoes. It looks and smells wonderful - and we even all got baked fish for free - and it was very good. We went to a local store to buy Hungarian salami, whether it is the home to the world. Well, Jack Holt had bad luck - bought the original salami from the Godfather Kroměříže brand - it is therefore luck: o))

Up to the Slovak border was the route through Hungary quite boring - the exception was crossing the Hungarian mountains, it was nice. And by that time I had no idea that there are some mountains ...

Borders Hungary - Slovakia


Were it not for signs, we would not have noticed her. Come on Big Krtíš direction where refuel, then the direction of Zvolen, Prievidza ...
Volunteered Milan and about 40 km drove me to the bandit. Nooo, it was a nice ride, it does not fray or nebručí nechrchlá, accelerates like a dragon ... whee ... nice quickie.
But my beloved GSíčko I would definitely leave the thug - is plenty of space, the legs can sit back, I can wiggle in all directions, and his grunts would miss me too much ... and especially to poison him with the best guy, after all ... pššštttt!
For Prievidza separates us from David with Honda - home to Kroměříž it has "" only some 400 or 500? km and the family calls ...
Last night is our thinning group in the camp Bojnice, where we for the first time this trip leads Charles navigation. As usual unpacking tents at dusk and head to the pub. She cooks well and there have bottled Pilsen - jojo, Holt already approaching the home.

past will route:
Hortobágy-Tizsafured-Térképe-Eger-Salgótarján-Szécsény-Balassagyarmat (state borders HU-SK)-Big Krtíš-Elected)-Žiar over Hronom-Prievodza-Bojnice - 354 km

Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Sunday we get up for the gloomy weather here in the Slovak Republic is Hungary compared hellish cold, much colder, is about 16 degrees - hell, it's summer once again. Changes in the dreary rain and reportedly raining everywhere, here and in the Czech Republic. We're heading to the border and from there to Hungary Brod. The last joint stop at the petrol station in Brod is sometime after noon.
The boys then continue home to the Czech Republic and we have to have only 30 km over the hill. Hell, it was only a week, but as the robot arm says, "And think that I should never see," zašprtne me something in my throat and I wanted to cry. Achjooo ....

past will route:

Bojnice - Trencin - Old Hrozenkov - Brod - Zlín - 130 km

At home, we are then in a moment. We traveled 2692 km.


Well, boys and Anko, you were wonderful companions and our first big trip we could not ask for better partners ...
Thanks ... and maybe again sometime ... the Transylvanian Alps or Norway ... or in Beroun at Jirik on the terrace ....